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Net-Tell LLC Phone Service Makes Customers Happy

February 15, 2018
The simple beauty of Net-Tell LLC is that the quality of the home telephone service they offer is often far better than your local phone company can offer. However, even though it is likely better, it will also save you a lot of money. Many families who opt to sign up for a Net-Tell LLC phone plan find that it saves them hundreds of dollars a year. From the customer’s perspective, there is little to no difference in how you use Net-tell phone service as compared to the phone company.

You can use the same landline phone you have always used and you dial numbers or program them just as you always have. In fact, if you have already programmed numbers into your landline phone, they will still be there and you can use them as you always have. The only difference is, instead of plugging the into a standard phone line on the wall, you connect it to a box (which Net-Tell LLC provides) and it will be connected to your broadband router. By no difference, the reality is, the call quality will be excellent and you can call family, friend, business associates or anyone else just you always have, without wasting cell phone minutes or data.